An Artist’s Life and Jim Morrison

Even if Michael Lawrence had never met Jim Morrison a memoir of his would still be interesting. Lawrence’s father was actor Marc Lawrence and Michael met actors such as Errol Flynn and Humphrey Bogart, both of whom were impressed with the younger Lawrence’s drawings. Lawrence spent his formative years in Rome and at a young age decided to be an artist. He packed up his easel and paints and started his career as an artist. In his travels, he attended UCLA and met Jim Morrison. Later he met writer Paul Bowles, and had romantic adventures in Europe as an artist.

Besides being a gifted artist Lawrence is a good writer. He captures your attention right in the beginning with an encounter with Morrison’s parents, and then entrances you with a seque into the past with Morrison meeting Lawrence’s mother and they talked film and philosophy.

“Tripping with Jim Morrison and Other Friends” isn’t strictly chronological jumping around with the speed of a thought in the stream of consciousness. Lawrence has a subtle, elegant writing style. Lawrence is as comfortable on the page as he is with his easel. The hook in “Tripping with Jim Morrison” is of course Jim Morrison, but if you’re interested in art Michael Lawrence is someone you’d love to sit and talk with, and “Tripping with Jim Morrison and Other Friends” is the closest we can get to that conversation.

Tripping with Jim Morrison and Other Friends” is available now on Amazon.



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