The Doors Examiner – The End

This would have been the 7th anniversary of The Doors Examiner. As most of you may know (or maybe some of you don’t). On July 1 AXS entertainment which owned The Examiner closed columns without notice. AXS did invite some writers to come over to write for AXS including me. Upon sending in my first article AXS edited/censored it because it was “a rant”. I decided since there is a lot of controversial issues within The Doors and I didn’t want to be arguing with their editor/censor I thought it best not to pursue providing any content for AXS. Since that time I have been justified in that assessment since I’ve heard from other writers that AXS has interfered with their articles for what seemed to be trivial matters. Since mid July I’ve been considering whether to carry on writing Doors related material, people have very kindly been messaging and emailing me telling me how much they enjoyed my articles and looked forward to them. Taking all things into consideration over this short sabbatical I’ve decided The Doors Examiner has run its course and to pursue more of my creative writing projects.

I started writing The Doors Examiner because a woman knew I was a writer and she had started writing for The Examiner and thought I could write a Doors Examiner. I was sure that they would have had someone writing about The Doors already but I thought maybe if I sent in a writing sample and they liked it I could at least find another subject to write about. A couple days after sending in the writing sample I got an email from The Examiner saying they liked the writing and that they did need someone to write about The Doors. I took the assignment not knowing how long it would last. As a matter of fact I thought it wouldn’t last very long because The Doors hadn’t been an active band in close to 40 years. I thought that I would write some Doors history articles and it wouldn’t go much further. To my amazement about six months after starting The Doors Examiner The Doors started releasing CD’s and DVD’s on a fairly consistent basis so I had new material to write about. I also ventured into different areas of The Doors experience that I hadn’t seen before offering some of my own ideas on the band.

In the almost seven years of The Doors Examiner’s life the column went from subscriptions of me and my sister to over a couple of thousand, and with about 600 other writers writing on music subjects The Doors Examiner grew to be in the top 10 most widely read music columns and for the last year The Doors Examiner was a top 5 read column.

I want to thank all The Doors’ fans for their support over the years for reading, subscribing and telling your friends about The Doors Examiner. I’ve had a lot of fun writing the articles and learned some things about the band I never knew and probably never would have known if it weren’t for writing the articles.

I’ve been a Doors fan since around 1978 or so and I’m sure I will be the rest of my life and with the 50th anniversary of the release of The Doors first album coming up there are sure to be some cool things coming out (Robby Krieger said so!). I’m sure I’ll have an opinion and I’ll write about those things as they come up. One thing that is coming up is the release of Michael Lawerence’s excellent book “Tripping with Jim Morrison and Other Friends” which will be released September 5, and I’ll write a proper review of it closer to its release date but if you want to preorder it you can at Amazon.

Because I’m no longer writing The Doors Examiner doesn’t mean I’ll no longer be writing. I have a few writing projects I’m working on at the moment that include a memoir on the band Hunger! and a novel I’ve gotten into a rough draft. You’ll be hearing from me again. I’ve been exploring a crowding funding site called Patreon that I’ll be sharing with everyone once that is all set up. If you would like to keep up with my writing you can visit the Jymsbooks page on Facebook, I also have a blog on WordPress Jymwrites that I’ll be improving and adding more content as soon as the electrons line up in the correct order. You can also keep up with blogs and books at my Amazon Authors Page. I hope you will follow me as I delve deeper into the creative works I know I have in me and that you will read and enjoy them as much as you have with my writing The Doors Examiner.


3 thoughts on “The Doors Examiner – The End

  1. Will,
    I was thinking of a follow up to The Doors Examined (, maybe The Doors Re-examined??? If I did that I think I would want to have more essays on the meaning behind Jim Morrison’s lyrics (or my interpretation) at the moment I don’t have any plans to write them.

    When I started The Doors Examiner I didn’t think it would last very long but I thought it could be a vehicle to get some ideas out there, and it did do that.

    People have been asking me about an archive of the articles and I may do that I am looking into what that will entail, so maybe…

    Thanks for reading and your support Will!


  2. In my opinion, I’d think it would be best to leave out any further essays on the meanings behind Morrison’s lyrics. Enough has been written on that topic and it is rare for anyone to agree, which was Jim’s intention. A compilation of your newsletters woud be great. I’ve read them all and often forget you wrote this or that. Everyone enjoyed your articles. It woud be great to have them in one place!

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